Selected Publications

  • Miletic, S., Van Maanen, L. (2019). Caution in decision-making under time pressure is mediated by timing ability. Cognitive Psychology, 110, 16-29.
  • Anders, R., Alario, F.-X. & Van Maanen, L. (2016). The shifted Wald distribution for response time data analysis. Psychological Methods, 21, 309-327.
  • Van Maanen, L., Couto, J. & Lebetron, M. (2016). Three boundary conditions for computing the fixed-point property in binary mixture data. PLOS One, 11, e0167377
  • Van Maanen, L., Van der Mijn, R., Van Beurden, M.H.P.H., Roijendijk, L.M.M., Kingma, B.R.M., Miletić, S., & Van Rijn, H. (2019) Core body temperature speeds up temporal processing and choice behavior under deadlines. Scientific Reports, 9, 10053.

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