Selected Publications

  • Archambeau, K., Couto, J., & Van Maanen, L. (in press). Non-Parametric Mixture Modeling Of Cognitive Psychological Data: A New Method to Disentangle Hidden Strategies. Behavior Research Methods .
  • Couto, J. ,Van Maanen, L.* & Lebreton, M.* (2020). Investigating the origin and consequences of endogenous default options in repeated economic choices. PLoS One .
  • Van Maanen, L., Portoles, O., & Borst, J.P. (2021) The discovery and interpretation of evidence accumulation stages. Computational Brain & Behavior, 4, 395-415.
  • Groeneweg,E., Archambeau, K., & Van Maanen, L. (2021). A Hidden semi-Markov model classifier for strategy detection in multiplication problem solving. Proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
  • Van Maanen, L., Van der Mijn, R., Van Beurden, M.H.P.H., Roijendijk, L.M.M., Kingma, B.R.M., Miletić, S., & Van Rijn, H. (2019) Core body temperature speeds up temporal processing and choice behavior under deadlines. Scientific Reports, 9 , 10053.

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