Leendert van Maanen. Leendert is Associate Professor Cognitive Aspects of Artificial Intellgence, at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Utrecht University. He studies the mechanisms that allow people to process information and decide on the optimal course of action. His focus is on the development and testing of cognitive models.

Kim Archambeau. Kim is a postdoc in the lab and studies the identification of processing strategies using behavioral and neural measures. Her current focus is on the identification of different strategies in numerical cognition tasks. Her work is funded by a University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Brain and Cognition project grant.

Wouter Kruijne. Wouter is a postdoc jointly supervised by Leendert and Hedderik van Rijn at University of Groningen. Wouters work is aimed at the role of temporal cognition in decision making processes.

Joaquina Couto. Joaquina's PhD project focusses on strategy use in economic decision making, In particular, she aims to identify the use of default strategies in sequences of repeated choices. funded by a personal stipend from Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

Ivar Kolvoort. Ivar is a PhD student working on causal reasoning in a joint project with the Causal Inference lab at ILLC, University of Amsterdam. His current project focusses on the development of a cognitive model of different response strategies in probability judgment tasks. Ivar is funded by an IDA grant.

Sally Hogenboom. Sally works as a PhD student in a joint project with the Causal Inference lab at ILLC,,University of Amsterdam. She addresses the question how people attitudes that people have are influenced by the media they consume. This work is funded by an NWO Digitalization of Social Sciences and Humanities grant.

Sonia Ramotowska. Sonia is a PhD student working in Jakub Szymanik's group at ILLC, and affiliated with the MPCM lab. In her work she tries to understand the meaning of quantifiers (such as "most"), and tries to identify the different strategies that people use to verify statements involving quantifiers.

Sarah Maass. Sarah works in the group of Hedderik van Rijn at University of Groningen, and is affiliated with our lab. She studies how time perception is influenced by various contextual factors, and how in turn distorted time perception affects general cognitive processing.